Swanson On My Mind (Giveaway)

The show must go on.

I always wanted to use that phrase. It appeals to my dramatic side and makes me think of Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, which is fitting since today we’re going to be talking about a torrid and tawdry affair between myself and someone other than the Hubby. Gasp. You know what’s even better? At the end of the day or really this post, you’ll be the one reaping the benefits of said scandal. How’s that for deliciously kinky?

Our liaison started off innocently enough, although in a non-traditional fashion, as I met my second paramour online. Then again, online dating seems to be all the rage these days, which I guess sounds better than “I met daddy in a bar. He held my hair when I was sick (cough, cough).” Either way, I first spotted my suitor across a crowded chat room (i.e. Instagram). They were talk, dark, slightly mysterious, and shared my love of healthy foods. I love when people’s values reflect my own. It makes agreeing with myself so much easier.

I still remember exactly what it was that attracted them to me one fateful day a year and a half ago. Like a moth to a flame, their eyes were drawn to my well endowed and shapely….pizza. This one to be exact and with caramelized onions, apples, cheddar and crispy sage in a brown butter sauce, I can’t say that I blame them. Hell, I’d be attracted to me too. It’s possible they were also a fan of my over zealous self-image.  

Apple Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Crispy Sage in Brown Butter and Cheddar

Since that fateful moment years ago, Swanson Health Products and I have become fast friends or the more affectionately known pizza lovahs. ♫ “Secret lovers [pizza lovers] yeah, that’s what we are.” ♫  

I like to consider myself a supportive, albeit slightly shall we say, interesting partner, so I knew I had to be involved with helping Swanson celebrate their 45 year anniversary. What can I say? I like parties, and family owned businesses are ventures I can get behind, in front of, above, and even on all fours. I am pretty flexible. It also didn’t hurt they paid me $45 in cold hard cash or really the equivalent in product. I’m not sure if the involvement of money, or in my case lots and lots of nuts, makes our affair more illicit; I just know I like it.

Swansons Nuts

The best part though is Swanson’s wants to share the wealth with all of you. What can I say? They get around. ♫ Round and round, round we go.”♫  They are offering you the opportunity to enter the Swanson’s Sweepstakes for a chance to earn 45 healthy foods and a $500 shopping spree. Let me tell you, $500 smackaroos can buy you a whole lot of nuts. If you are not as nutty as me, count your lucky stars and rest assured, they sell loads of other products, including more than just what goes in your mouth. Hello, your hair and skin need love too, and Swanson’s got you covered. There’s a reason they’re a great lovah. 

Swanson Image

In addition to the sweepstakes, they’re also giving you another chance to win a $45 gift card here on my little bloggity blog because they’re awesome and ridiculously generous, and at the end of the day, isn’t that the whole point of this healthy living stuff. Share the wealth, spread the love. I think so, and Swanson does too.

Swanson Image 2

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and be gentle with my paramour.


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Oh hey. Hi there. Remember me?

Your long-lost blogging buddy, who disappeared without a trace or should I say nary a crumb because you know I wouldn’t leave that on a plate; at least not if good food was involved.

You may have wondered where I’ve been. Then again, you may not have and I’d kindly ask you to keep that thought under wraps, since I’m slightly vulnerable right now, an odd feeling no doubt. Have no fear though, I could still kick some ass if need be.   

The past few weeks, I have been a slave to the Man, and I don’t meant the Hubby, although he might like that. His normally independent wife suddenly being submissive would probably be quite the turn on.

In the meantime, the Man I’m referencing is the J.O.B, the one which pays the bills. It’s a pretty important thing, and since we’re down a person at the office, I’ve been putting in extra long and sometimes emotionally fraught hours. One day last week, I made it home mere minutes before midnight. Thank god it wasn’t any later because I might have turned into a pumpkin, and we all know how I feel about pumpkin. I think I also just deemed myself a princess by association. Hey, if the shoe fits, or more importantly the tiara… hmm, I should probably let them know I have a small head.

So yeah I’ve been working a lot, an awful lot. It’s pretty much all I’ve done the last few weeks or so, except that unfortunate vet visit on Friday, where we were told Max is in the end stages of kidney failure. Yeah, so that’s no good either.

Those two facts: too much work and the imminent end of my bread borrowing buddy are the reasons I spent the better part of this weekend mostly horizontal on the couch, with my arms and legs curled up around a cat, while a movie or two or six played in the background. I dozed in and out, I cried on and off, and I cancelled all my plans except for my Saturday morning yoga class, where I kind of lost it in shavasana. Thank god the guy next to me started to snore as unwanted tears eked out of my fiercely closed eyes. I’m not a great crier and I’m certainly not a pretty crier. Given a choice, I’d like to skip it altogether,  even though I know to feel it and then let it go is cathartic.

Sometimes life is not all rainbows, unicorns, puppies and magical beanstalks. Sometimes we work far more hours than we should. Sometimes we get mistreated along the way, and sometimes our sweet, amiable and once upon a time, food stealing felines get dealt a bad card. Sometimes we need to say screw the silver lining, and instead of shining a light on the positive, we need to feel the pain and grieve, which is what I did with my weekend. It wasn’t marvelous. It wasn’t Week In Review worthy. It just was, and sometimes that’s all we need.

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A Blast from the Past

I’ve been working like a mad woman at the office. 

Considering I’m already a touch cray-cray, this has not been helping my sanity. Quite the opposite as back to back to back eleven plus hour days has been wearing on me. Thank god for the Hubby, greeting me a glass of wine and plate of food when I drag my weary carcass home each night. That man is a saint.

White Wine

Despite the food or possibly because of the booze, I can barely form sentences, so the idea of penning a post that is not only witty but literate leaves me feeling a little strained. Yes, putting simple sentences together in an intelligent fashion, while utilizing proper grammar and what have you, makes me want to run in the opposite direction and head for the hills. I hear they’re ♫ alive with the sound of music. ♫ It might be nice there. 

Which is why Arman’s most recent Spill It Sunday link up was particularly appealing to me. The idea is to share some old posts, where we dig into our archives and resurrect classics. Some might call this lazy, I call it recycling at it’s finest, which pleases the hippie in me to no end.

I’m going way back with these posts, in hopes this material is relatively new for most of my audience. Bon Appetite.

WIAW: The Verbal Purge Edition: this is far and away one of my favorite posts. It’s the one where I question the healthiness of the HLB community, while simultaneously spelling out my own food philosophy and what ‘healthy’ means to me. I’ll give you a hint: it involves cheese.

Cheese Plate with Raspberries

The Time of the Tomato: I thought about sharing my Ode to Grilled Cheese because it’s fun, flirty and delicious, but we are gearing up for tomato season here in Ohio, and this post is fraught with incredible tomato recipes and perhaps a pretty picture or two.


Vanilla Gorilla: get comfortable, grab a drink, pull up a chair and be ready for story time as we relive my participation in The Tough Mudder. This was absolutely the dirtiest thing I’ve ever done, and I loved it.

Vanilla Gorilla Meg Collage

Alright my friends, I’m going to relish in the fact it’s Friday, which means in less than twenty-four hours I will be getting my R&R on. You know what they say: Work hard, play hard, rest hard. I might have added to the cliché; it’s a solid addition though.

Have you ever done a Tough Mudder? What’s on your weekend agenda? Anything exciting? Tell me all about it. 

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