The Ultimate Italian Panini Recipe

Confession: I don’t have any Italian in me.

The Hubby is German. 

This sandwich, packed with pesto, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, red onion, and roasted red bell peppers, makes for The Ultimate Italian Panini.

Which is no way stopped me from naming this sandwich The Ultimate Italian Panini. I’ve got it from a good source it totally fits the bill and by good source, I mean me. I promise to be impartial (cough, cough).

This is quite simply yet another submission in my summer quest for Sandwich Porn. 

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Enough Whole Food Hating

We need to talk. The four scariest words in a woman’s vocabulary; at least for the person on the receiving end. I’ve got a serious topic today, born from reading a blog post which set my little bitty brain a flutter and not in a good way. The short version: it pissed me off. It made me…

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Meg Poolside

Currently: June 2015

Greetings from Vegas; poolside. (The Hubby got the non cropped version of this picture.) Just kidding, I’m home now, but what better way to catch up on my shenanigans than with a Currently post. Talk about a smooth and sultry transition; it doesn’t get much slicker than that. Quick, somebody call Rico Suave and let him know I’m…

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Coffee and Water at the Bellagio

WIAW: The Vegas Edition

I may have forgotten to mention I’m in Vegas this week. You see, I was under the misguided impression I’d be able to keep the blog up and running seamlessly, a laughable concept in hindsight. Believe me, I see the error of my ways. To set the record straight, I’m here for a work conference so…

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