WIAW: The Weekday Edition

I have full on conversations with myself all the time.

Or maybe they’re monologues. Does it count as a monologue if there’s an actual give and take, even though it’s all from the same person? Now there’s a question for Shakespeare. Too bad he’s unavailable for comment, although I suppose I could just make it up. It’s what happens in my head more often than not.

In addition to monologues, I have snippets of ideas pop up in my brain and stay lodged there until I take action. For example, I knew months ago, I needed to share my workday eats for my next What I Ate Wednesday, partially because they’re usually less indulgent and more structured than my footloose and fancy free weekend meals, which leads me to the other reason I wanted to share. My weekday meals represent how I eat the majority of the time; roughly five out of seven days if you want to get all technical about it. It’s good to know my math skills are still going strong. Monologues: check. Math skills: check. Clearly, I am on top of my mental health.  

Basically, if you want a true taste of Meghan, even though I’m truly reserved for the Hubby, workday eats is where it’s at, which is why I’m bringing my Monday meals to the table.

wiawloveyourveggiesmonthbutton2Let’s begin… with coffee, which is where every day starts for me. I add a touch of raw sugar and almond milk to my morning mug.

Coffee, Almond Milk and Raw Sugar

After coffee comes breakfast, which was a smoothie packed with kale ice cubes, frozen pineapple chunks, a banana, some strawberries and a touch of orange juice to make the medicine go down. Alright there was no medicine, but you get the idea. Since I was out of granola, my staple second breakfast, I paired my smoothie with two slices of Tomato Basil Bread, toasted and topped with butter. Sometimes it’s good to switch up second breakfast.

Smoothie and Sun Dried Tomato Basil Bread

After breakfast, I hit up the office for a few hours and then went to the gym for a lunch time Body Pump class. I might have a thing for bright colors. Clothes, produce, it doesn’t matter.

Body Pump Class

Not shockingly, I was starving afterwards. I quickly inhaled two of Arman’s No Bake Caramel Pecan Bars and a bowl of cherries, which netted about twice the amount pictured. Arman’s calls these bars healthy; I call them delicious.

Caramal Pecan No Bake Granola Bars


Lunch came an hour or two later, when I was again ravenous. It was a giant green salad with lots of toppings: cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, toasted walnuts, bell peppers, carrots and a hard-boiled egg. The giant cucumber hanging out in the background was just for show. Truly, I had planned on eating him with a side of hummus, but time got away from me, which happens a lot at the office, and he remained untapped…until Tuesday, that is.

Office Salad with Cucumber in the Back

Dinner happened some hours later at home. It was a bowl of my Vegan Three Bean Chili, which I bastardized by tossing some cheese on top. Underneath the chili is a lovely mountain of brown rice, and on the side is my daily vitamins, which I normally eat right out of the bottle, although I decided to plate them today for you. I take two One A Days, which defeats the purpose of a one a day, I know. I also regularly ingest two D’s (um, I live in Ohio, where we only get sun one-third of the year), one C (to prevent the sickness, and I mean any sickness) and lately a calcium supplement because the lovely folks over at Adora sent me some samples, and who am I to turn down chocolate…er I mean vitamins.

Chili, Brown Rice, Cheese and Vitamins

In between all my meals, I drank copious amounts of H2O because hydration rocks. It also makes you go to the bathroom a bazillion times a day, but you can’t win ’em all.

What do your weekday eats look like? How do they differ from your weekend meals? What’s your go to snack lately?

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33 Responses to WIAW: The Weekday Edition

  1. Looks like a pretty delicious day to me! As you know, I am totally approving of the cherries 😉
    My weird life at the moment means that my weekdays and weekends all kinda blend into one… But I had a crazy good ginger bread Nakd bar yesterday for a snack (basically a British Larabar I think? Not that I’ve ever had a Larabar!)
    Pip {Cherries & Chisme} recently posted…{WIAW} Whole 30 – Day 1My Profile

  2. Khushboo says:

    Yum eats- especially loving the sound of that bread for breakfast! And adding cheese to chilli is always a good idea- next time get some avocado in there too :)! My weekday meals are much more structured and tend to happen around the same time daily. As for weekends, the time I wake up can make all the difference. On Sundays I tend to have a later breakfast and then a few snacks throughout the afternoon instead of a proper lunch. I am about to get a snack which will be a banana & almond butter…unfortunately not so much #publicbanana as I’m eating in the privacy of my own room ;)!
    Khushboo recently posted…Adding creaminess to smoothies without dairyMy Profile

  3. I have no idea what day of the week it is ever so my meals are crazy all.the.time. It usually depends on what I’m cooking for the blog or what I have on hand. Currently I have pluots, frozen bread and mushrooms on hand and I’m starving for breakfast…this is gonna be interesting.
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…{Blogging As A Business} Yes, I Am A Full-Time Blogger.My Profile

  4. Cat says:

    The main thing that differs on weekends is breakfast must include pancakes at some point! Lunches can be a bit lame during the week, if I’m with a client – portable food is always less fun 😉

    Snacking on frozen fruit to cope with the heat!
    Cat recently posted…(WIAW) What I Ate Wednesday #46: Mancunian EatsMy Profile

  5. Marjorie says:

    LOL…I am glad to know I am not the only one who has an ongoing conversation with myself on a regular basis!

    I miss body pump! That is probably the number one thing I miss most about no longer having our gym membership.

    And I have been scarfing cherries almost daily…yum!
    Marjorie recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday 44 On Weight WatchersMy Profile

  6. LOL! I drink water all throughout my day at work ad have to get up literally every 30 minutes or so to use the ladies room. My coworkers probably think I have some strange problems, but at least I’m well hydrated!
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…MoshuluMy Profile

  7. My weekend eats aren’t actually that different from my weekday eats… probably because I work from home and have access to my kitchen at all times. A blessing and a curse. Lately that’s meant a lot of cereal, since I’ve been a little too lazy to do much cooking and I’ve actually found that my stomach is enjoying taking a break from all the vegetables. That being said, I’m starting to crave something other than Cinnamon Toast Crunch and blueberries, so I’m thinking some kind of chicken salad is going to make an appearance today. Woot.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – august 2014 .My Profile

  8. Jenny says:

    I eat WAY healthier (and have a more structured meal plan) on weekdays, too. That 3 bean chili looks delicious – I’ll have to pin it for later! As far as snacks go, I usually go for fruit or a piece of dark chocolate, but I just made a delicious batch of honey almond granola that really hits the spot.

  9. Lucie says:

    Oh Lady….you just saved me from going insane. Seriously, since being Single and living in this huge appartment, I have conversation with myself alllllll the time. I sometimes forget about it when I am down in the laundry room and e neighbour catches me. I might have the police in the house one of these days.

    Those Arman-bars look divine. I need to finally start making more recipes. I can never decide if I should create a new one, or recreate one from a blogger. Serious problems.
    Lucie recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday and an important questionMy Profile

  10. And I want that Tomato Basil Bread. My mum used to get the best chiabatta ever with dried tomatoes from a local organic bakery when I was still living at home. It was so doughy and dense and … good. With butter. But then they suddenly changed the recipe (?) and it was nothing like that anymore. Bah. It was a good relationship while it lasted.
    I feel invited for dinner at your place and – outside of vegan territory – fully approve of cheese-topped chili. Plus brown rice? Heaven in a bowl. How much were tickets to the US again??
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Sweet and cheesy. Cheesy. And sweet. [WIAW]My Profile

  11. Tomato basil bread with butter? Oh delicious. And you shouldn’t have two breakfasts. Hell, you technically had 3. Coffee with sugar and milk counts as a meal.

    My weekday eats are generally the same because I’m lazy and balls on a briefcase is all I can manage this week. The week before it was all about the bought baked goods 😉

    Off topic but I’ve decided to make ratatouille this weekend even though none of those veggies are in season. #worthit.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Diets are individualised…and I like it.My Profile

  12. Your morning coffee looks just like mine. Except I have mine out of my giant Mike Wazowski mug… obviously I’m a cool kid. Now, I just need to make that freakin amazing looking bread and Arman’s bars and my life will be complete.
    Jess @ JessieBear What Will You Wear? recently posted…Food & Fashion, Of CourseMy Profile

  13. Brittany says:

    FERRREAL I cannot stop lusting over those granola bars. I want them all over my face. Your version turned out so well. I’m with you on the bright colors!
    Brittany recently posted…Garden Harvest – Summer Veggie Salad RecipeMy Profile

  14. Frances says:

    I love seeing what people eat on a regular basis. I find it fascinating. I had a green smoothie for breakfast with one piece of multigrain toast. I snacked on three mini pieces of chocolate. I just had a burrito from a food truck for lunch and am kind of regretting that decision. I was going to make veggie tortilla soup for dinner, but after the burrito, that does not sound good.

  15. Sarah Pie says:

    That chili sounds good right about now! I made vegan pancakes last week because I was out of eggs and totally piled them with butter and honey, thought you might approve.

    I’m just starting to like hardboiled egg in salads, the smell used to gross me out, then again I think that salad of yours would be fabulous with just about anything.

    I’ve been loving zucchini bread for snacks recently, so much so that I’ve just about demolished the loaf I had hidden from myself in the back of the freezer… whoops
    Sarah Pie recently posted…How to manage migraines when you can’t avoid your triggersMy Profile

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  17. Just made those clean eating pecan bars last night with Parker and I’s dinner, SO STINKIN GOOD! Wow we both just took a bite at the same time and smiled it was so good!
    Jayne @ http://www.busybarista.wordpress.com recently posted…If you only Live once I want to Live with you…My Profile

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